Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kansas City

hardwood floors cleaned

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Protect your investment in your hardwood floors. Get them professionally cleaned by Friendly Cleaning Services.

Have your beautiful hardwood floors lost their shine and luster? Do you miss the beauty your floors once had? Have you experienced the awful process of having your wood floors sanded down and refinished before, or just heard about it? The dust, the smell, the inconvenience of it all can really make you want to put it off as long as possible.

You are in luck! Your procrastination has paid off, you don”t need to your floors down to get that shine back. I can top coat them with new finish for half the price, none of the mess and none of the awful smell either.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If you’ve had hardwood floors refinished before you are all too familiar with the dust oh good grief the dust. It’s so fine and it gets on every surface in your house will have it on it. Dust can settle on to vertical surfaces as much as horizontal ones…. let that sink in for a minute…. you are going to pay some one a sizable amount of money to make your hardwood floors shine again and in exchange for that you get to dust your house for days, week or even months to come.

Have you priced having that process done? It’s not cheap, it could hardly be described even as affordable. $3-$5 a sq ft and in the end you get chores to do, dusting chores to do, yuck.

Have you ever been in a house or place of business where the floors are being redone? The smell could never, and has never been described as pleasant at all. You also cant walk on it for a day or more depending on humidity and air movement.

Kansas City Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning

Our wood floor cleaning service is so much less hassle, our process is odorless, nontoxic, totally dust free, and dries in about an hour. You can walk on it with socks on in that time. Furniture can be moved back (as long as its not drug across the floor) in 4 hours and rugs need to be kept off for 12. The finish will be dry in 12 but please refrain from wearing shoe on the floor for 24 hours. Once the magic 24 hour time has passed you are all back to normal with beautiful floors again.

So your floors aren’t a high gloss finish, and you don’t want a high gloss finish, that’s fine I can use a mat finish product too.

You may be wondering what the catch is, that is a valid concern. Well here it is, if you have “bald spots” in your finish, maybe at a doorway going outside or in front of the kitchen sink then this process cant help you. Their has to be varnish there for me to be able to enhance the appearance.

My typical candidate is some one with a few active kids at home and also people with inside dogs. The nails of dogs can really reek havoc on wood floor finish. This process is absolutely perfect for pet owners, especially those with large dogs.

Another question you may have is: how long will it last? That is also a great question. And just like one some one asks me how long their carpet will stay clean after I clean it. My answer is “well that depends on you” if you continue to have large dogs in your home then it’ll last between 1 to 2 years if you don’t have large dogs and have recently become an empty nester then it will likely last 3-5 years.

If you need to get your hardwood floors cleaned give Friendly Cleaning Services a call today at (816) 590-6433