Water Damage Kansas City 

Coming home to wet carpet, walls or ceilings can be stressful. What do you do? Do you spend all night with a rented carpet machine sucking water out, borrow your in-laws shop vac, or call a professional? If you do it yourself how long will it take to dry? Will it mold? Maybe even make it worse?

Why risk mold, wood rot and permanently damaged furnishings when you can just call a professional and let them take care of it? The choice of restoration companies can be daunting. If you chose a big company, will you get the personalized service everyone craves? Friendly Cleaning Services is a locally owned restoration company that always provides great communication. We will outline how your home will be brought back to normal and how long it will be.

Call anytime whether you just have some questions or are in need of immediate service.

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Emergency Water Removal Kansas City

Friendly Cleaning Services provides efficient system of saving your home and possessions following the devastating effects of flooding. Water damage can happen for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s heavy rainfall, street flooding, burst water pipes, an overflowing toilet, leaky basement walls or sewage backup, the aftermath of any form of flooding can be a very very stressful and upsetting experience. Our team is available 24/7 to help you through it, and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible, usually in 2-4 days depending on conditions. If you’ve had an emergency and your home of business has water damage, call us now to get help.

To prevent the very worst flood damage, it is absolutely critical that a flooded building receive attention as soon as possible. Our water damage restoration team is on call 24/7 to stop a drama from turning into a crisis. With the owner of the company being a second generation cleaning and restoration expert, we'll be there to not only save your home or place of business from the worst of flood damage but to save your valuable possessions as well!

As experts in water damage restoration, we know that prompt action can drastically reduce any long term damage and our cutting edge techniques will soon have your home or place of business looking and feeling great again. Our team will arrive fully equipped to restore carpet, walls and furniture to pre-flood condition while also checking for any safety issues like electrical dangers. By working on your home or place of business immediately, our water damage restoration service not only limits the total amount of flood damage but can also save thousands of dollars and also get your life back to normal quicker.

Water Removal Kansas City

Our complete service provides tools to address all of your water damage restoration needs including:

  • Fully equipped vehicles with powerful, state of the art water extractors that can even be portable to access water damage any where on any floor of any structure.
  • Our moisture meters evaluate the safety of your property once the initial water removal is complete. Our testing equipment can quickly locate moisture in your property to allow for fast action and to protect against further damage.
  • Family and earth friendly deodorizing agents to counter act the odors common to a water damage situation.
  • Large dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels quickly. The dryer air will minimize secondary damage to the structure and furnishings.
  • Powerful fans to circulate the dried air from the dehumidifiers thus speeding up the drying process.
  • Top quality carpet and furniture cleaning equipment to restore your belongings to pre-flood conditions.

As soon as our water damage team arrives a thorough inspection is done along with documentation of the conditions of your home. Our team will take appropriate steps to reduce any potential for further damage before prescribing the perfect plan of action on your home and belongings.

We are fully aware of how much stress flood damage can cause and our team is experienced in dealing with all forms of flood damage in a kind and caring manner.

We strive to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible

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