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Tile and grout cleaners in kansas city

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Friendly Cleaning Service offers the most comprehensive tile and grout cleaning in the KCMO area.

So you just moved into your new home, you gotten everything unpacked and as you are looking around you notice the grout close to the wall is a totally different color then everywhere else. You may wonder what you will have to do to get that lighter color back again. Maybe try the latest and greatest “As Seen On TV” miracle cleaner, maybe some bleach and a heaping helping of elbow grease, maybe check on good ol’ pinterest…

Time passes, you’ve gotten frustrated and realize you should have just called a professional and saved yourself a lot of fruitless work and hassle. But who do you call? How much will this cost? Will the so called professionals really be able to get it any better then you can? What is grout sealer? Do I need grout sealer? Does grout sealer eve work or is it just a bunch of snake oil?

Tile Cleaning

Well if you’ve read the “About Us” section of my web site you will have seen I’ve been in this industry for almost 30 years now. So if your tile and grout can be cleaned I will be able to do it. I have a constantly growing list of reviews on Google and I’ve probably already cleaned one of your neighbor’s homes too. The results attained by professional tile and grout cleaning can be no less then jaw dropping at times. My process of getting grout and tile cleaned¬†relies not on toxic chemicals but hot water and controlled high water pressure. As you can see in the video its a no mess process. Your floor will be dry in minutes, not hours or days. I do offer grout sealer and we can discuss that in a no pressure way once the floor is clean to your approval. For the best tile and grout cleaning service¬†call Friendly Cleaning Services today!

Cleaning Tile in Kansas City