Residential Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City

Residential Carpet Cleaning

A carpeted home setting is nothing less than comfortable and relaxing. Carpets are perfect for children to play on and for keeping winter feet warm and cozy. But what else are carpets known for? They easily trap dirt, dust, and other allergens deep within the fibers. Without regularly removing debris from your carpets, you run the risk of increased allergies, illness, and respiratory issues of loved ones living in your home.

At Friendly Cleaning Service, we want you to be comfortable and healthy in your home, and we don’t believe in removing carpets to do it. With 30+ years of professional carpet cleaning experience in the Kansas City area, our exceptional residential carpet cleaning service will leave your carpets softer, cleaner, and free of harmful soil.

Why Us

When you choose Friendly Cleaning Services, you know you’re choosing certified and courteous professionals. Our services are completed with the utmost respect for your space and belongings. We understand it can be uncomfortable to allow someone into your home. But by scheduling a consultation beforehand, you can meet the owner, discuss boundaries, and address any concerns right up front, before any cleaning service taking place.

Our Methods

We use several methods at Friendly Cleaning Services to attack the dirtiest of residential carpets. After assessing your home, we will determine the appropriate method for your space based on your location, building restrictions, and cleaning desires. Using the top of the line equipment and quality techniques, our team offers:

  • Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

  • Portable Steam Cleaning (high rise and secured buildings)

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems (two different options)

No matter which method of cleaning is used on your carpets, you rest assured the job will be done correctly. Expertly trained to meet the industry standards of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), Friendly Cleaning Services knows a thing or two about removing unsafe filth and putting back the life into your carpets, whether it be the carpeting in your home or a commercial setting.

Our Process

In every home, we operate our residential cleaning service on a strict schedule. Skipping steps can lead to missed dirt and unremovable stains, so ensuring every level of our proven system is followed is essential in providing our customers with the cleanest carpets possible.

  1. Pre-vacuum: Pre-vacuuming all carpets dry before steam cleaning removes hair, lint, and sand from carpet fibers that are difficult to lift with wet methods. This process also helps to uncover areas where set-in stains will need to be removed.

  2. Pre-condition: This detergent loosens oily soils bonded to carpet, allowing for easier extraction. Pre-conditioning is done before rinsing to ensure sticky fibers are not left behind.

  3. Power Rinse: Using a powered scrubbing and rinse tool your carpet is rinsed consistently and without leftover chemical residue. Competing companies often complete this step manually, increase the risk of leaving an uneven appearance.

  4. Spot Stain Removal: After power washing and rinsing is complete, remaining stubborn stains are spot removed. These could include stains from rust, wine, pet accidents, etc., that do not budge during the in-depth cleaning process.

  5. Fan Dry: Placing a fan to dry carpets help to dry the area.

  6. Grooming: Using a professional carpet rake, your carpets are groomed to stand upright, allowing increased air flow to dry the fibers properly.