Kansas City Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Cute dog staring at you

Photo credit: tracywoolery / CC BY-ND

Life’s too short to take chances on letting those pet stains and odors become permanent.

Get your carpet and furniture professionally cleaned by Friendly Cleaning Services.

We all love our furry four legged friends, but sometimes they get sick, scared (4th of July can be frightening for pets), or just annoyed with you.

You love your pet but don’t want your home to smell like it’s only their home. Pet odor if caught early can be handled very easily and reasonably priced. Always try to catch it early. Their is no reason to feel like you are all lone in your pet stains and odor treatment. I’ve produced a few YouTube videos on how to deal with accidents, what to do, and what to use on the different kind of accidents.

Pet stains can usually be taken care of quite easily with an oxidizing product. Their are a few variables with pet stains which are, first and foremost the food you give them if the food is colorful they are now urinating out food coloring which greatly changes the odds of success. The general health of your pet also plays a role, if your cat or dog is diabetic then their urine will be effected. And lastly of the cat or dog is male or female and spayed or neutered play a part also.

If your pets issues have gotten beyond what you are comfortable with then please call or text me and I’ll get out right out to your home or office and access the situation and give you the best options.

If the odor in your home has gotten to the “very noticeable level” don’t believe anyone that says they have a “special product” you just spray on once and the odor is gone. That’s just not reasonable. If the odor it very noticeable then the pad under your carpet is going to need to be replaced or the smell will never go away.

When a pet has repeatably had accidents in your home on your carpet the urine will have made its way to the pad and no amount of deodorizer will get that smell out of the pad. Carpet pad is very cheap and generally not that difficult to replace and that will get rid of the smell for good… Unless you have a very large dog, with a very large bladder, at that point the wooden or concrete sub floor will need to be sealed with an oil based sealer to lock in the odor. That’s only under extreme circumstances but I do quite a few of those a year. Usually just cleaning the carpet and pad replacement will take care of the issue, but if after removing the pad I still smell urine in that area the sub floor will need to be treated.

Rest assured that no matter how minor or sever your dog or cat urine odor is, I will help you remedy it.