New Bonuses of Using Friendly Cleaning Services

Friendly Cleaning Services is so proud to announce the introduction of the latest in scheduling software. Now when you book an appointment with me you will get a conformation email stating the details of your carpet cleaning appointment, 30 minutes before your carpet cleaning appointment you will receive a reminder that I am on the way to reassure you that I am on schedule, at the completion of your carpet cleaning appointment your invoice will be emailed to you for your records, then every six months you will get a reminder email and also a postcard that its been six or twelve months since I last cleaned your home. I will also be able to keep track of the room sizes of your home so I can give you prices over the phone on future appointments.

I’m very excited to be a part of this great service now, the HouseCall Pro app has leveled the playing field between us smaller scale service providers and the huge nation wide franchises. I freely admit the big boys had me beat in record keeping dept, but that is the past. From March 1st 2016 on the big companies no longer have that leg up on me any more. I can even note special concerns you may have like: chemical allergies, scheduling issues, and even your pets names.

Stay tuned! Many more exciting improvements are in the works

Love your spouse
Love your family my friends

Brian Asher