How to Make Your Carpet Last

Their are many things that add up to making your carpet last a long time. Getting twenty plus years out of your carpeting is very possible. Here are a couple tips for making your carpet last:

Prevention –  The next time you walk into any commercial building (like where you work) look at whats right inside the door you enter. Nine times out of ten you will see a walk off mat that are generally 3’x5′ that you will take two or three steps on. These rugs are very affordable and designed to last a very long time. Here is one example of what I have in mind for your entry ways.

These rugs are designed to trap a tremendous amount of dirt which will prevent all that stuff from making it into your home and getting trapped in your carpeting. Now to maintain this little $40 bargain, vacuum the mat at the same time you vacuum the rest of your carpet. Then to really get your rug clean, I HIGHLY recommend you take these rugs out once a month to your deck or driveway and simply hose it down to really get the crud out of the rug.

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