Kansas City Upholstery Cleaning

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Photo credit: Christopher Barson / CC BY

The same trust you place in Friendly Cleaning Services to clean your carpet can confidently be applied to your furniture as well.

Hello. My name is Brian Asher, owner and sole cleaning technician for Friendly Cleaning Services. I have been in the carpet, tile and grout, and furniture cleaning business for over 30 years. Having been raised in the industry, I have seen it all. I’ve also been expertly trained by the IICRC which is the worldwide organization that deems cleaning and restoration methods effective. So on the initial inspection of your furniture, I can confidently let you know if the spots you have will be removable or not.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, we can discuss which method you would like for me to use to clean it. Furniture on the other hand, we can’t decide for it, the fabric decides for itself. You may have noticed those cleaning care tags on your furniture, well those aren’t just suggestions, if it says “Cleaning Code S” or “Cleaning Code X” it cannot be steam cleaned, some “S” code fabrics can be foam cleaned, which will need to be determined by a color fast test and a fabric identity test. If you have a normal microfiber or herculon type fabric, those are very easily identified visually, but others I definitely will take the time to test all others.

No matter what type of fabric your furniture has, I can confidently clean all varieties. I am equipped to perform all types of cleaning for all types of fabrics.

I have, after much testing on my very own microfiber love seat, cracked the code on getting microfiber clean and the spots not come back once it has been cleaned.

The video in this section covers how I handle fabrics that can be steam cleaned but not dry cleaning fluid cleaned. As I have mentioned though, I am equipped for and experienced in all methods, so no need to worry how your furnishings will be cared for.