Areas Served

What areas do you cover?
I try to stay in the Northland as much as possible and I do that for many reasons. One is to reduce my drive time so I can get work processed in a more timely manner, another is keeps costs to you down as well as reduces your wait time for me to get to your home. We provide services for the following counties:

Cleaning Method

Do you steam clean carpet or dry clean carpet?
I am actually one of the few companies around that will do either one. If you prefer one over the other that’s fine I am trained in them both. Whether you prefer steam or dry I will explain the benefits and short comings to you and advice which in my professional opinion will best serve you. I dont”t have general preference unless their are pet accidents involved, in that case hot water extraction is best if the animal is a larger breed. Otherwise I am skilled in both ans will gladly do either one for you.
Do you clean furniture?
Yes I do, I clean about as much furniture as I do carpet. I can even clean the newer fabrics like, microfiber micro- suede and nova-suede.
Will cleaning my carpet get rid of the dog or cat pee smell from my home?
Simply put, No. No one can just clean the smell of pet urine out of carpet and their are many reasons why. The main one being, if your pet has done it before, its likely to do it again. Another big one is that the carpet itself holds very little of the odor. The majority of the odor is in the carpet pad or cushion that is under the carpet. It is just ground up sponge material so it holds on to that smell and in order to get a deodorizer into the pad it needs to be very very saturated. That is a possibility if the carpet is over concrete, but if it is over a regular wooden subfloor the risks of other damage don’t make saturation a reasonable option of treatment.

Quotes, Payments and Other Money Questions

Do you give quotes over the phone?
I’m happy to give you a ballpark guesstimate over the phone but an exact quote is impossible since I charge by the square foot for carpet, tile and wood floor cleaning. I charge by the seat for furniture so as long as your furniture isn’t excessively soiled and stained i can give prices over the phone for that. But for carpet, tile and hard wood floors their are far too many variables to account for to be exact.
Do you charge by the room or by the square foot for carpet, tile and grout or hardwood floors?
I charge by the cleanable square foot, you may be wondering what that means. Its quite simple I charge you for only the parts of the rooms i can actually clean. So if you have large immovable furniture you do not pay for the area of carpet under it since i cant clean it. That’s fair right? Of course it is, if you order a cheeseburger you don’t pay for the whole cow you pay for the part you want. I charge the same way.
Do you send out employees to clean my home?
Simply put, no I don’t and I never plan to. I have always worked quite efficiently on my own and I have no desire to grow the business beyond what i can handle. I do “employ” my son in the summer months and over his winter break from school to help me out. But even then I always do all the actual cleaning.
What forms of payment do you take?
I take all forms for home owners. Now for those moving out of a rental of any kind I need to be paid by cash or card simply because if their is an issue with a check its harder to find people once they have moved out to resolve it.
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