Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City

In businesses around the county, carpet is one of the most popular office flooring options for its economical price and cozy aesthetic. However, if your business is as successful as you’d like it to be, chances are your carpets will show signs of daily wear and tear. Dirty carpets are not only unappealing to visiting customers, but employee’s health can be put at risk with constant exposure to trapped dirt and soil.

Providing exceptional commercial carpet cleaning services in the Kansas City area for over 30 years, Friendly Cleaning Services wants nothing more than to see businesses in the community succeed. By using our expertly trained carpet cleaning techniques in your office, you can be sure to make a favorable first impression to any customer or employee who sets foot on your floors.

Why Us

While residential carpet cleaning makes up a large portion of our business, Friendly Cleaning Service understands your business is your home away from home. With this in mind, our dedicated cleaning service treats your office with the utmost respect, cleaning each area of your carpet meticulously with top of the line equipment. We don’t believe in estimating costs and timelines, as we know your time is essential. By providing onsite consultations of our commercial cleaning services offered, we can be sure to prepare you with an accurate cleaning plan best for your space and budget.

Our Methods

Cleaning commercial settings is a lengthier task compared to residential because of the amount of set-in stains and hidden dirt due to high foot traffic and crowded workspaces. To attack these stubborn stains, Friendly Cleaning Services uses multiple methods of dirt removal to obtain a professional looking carpet every time:

  • Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

  • Portable Steam Cleaning (high rise and secured buildings)

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems (two different options)

Regardless of the equipment used, you can be confident Friendly Cleaning Services will leave your office clean and presentable. Professionally trained to meet the industry standards of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), our cleaners remove the toughest stains from areas of your carpet you never believed would appear clean again.

Our Process

Though cozy and soft, carpet fibers are highly porous, holding onto dirt, dander, and other debris that can cause sickness and allergic reactions to employees and customers. By adhering to a strict carpet cleaning process, Friendly Cleaning Service increases the health and well being of our client’s work environment by removing harmful debris that can be missed during daily vacuuming:

  1. Pre-vacuum: Pre-vacuuming all dry carpets before steam cleaning removes office debris such as hair, lint, and sand from carpet fibers that are difficult to lift with wet methods. This process is helpful for highly crowded offices where stubborn stains may not be in immediate view.

  2. Pre-condition: This detergent loosens oily soils bonded to the carpet, allowing for easier extraction. Pre-conditioning is done before rinsing to ensure sticky fibers are not left behind.

  3. Power Rinse: Using a powered scrubbing and rinse tool (unlike most cleaning companies in the industry) your carpet is rinsed consistently and without leftover chemical residue.

  4. Spot Stain Removal: After power washing and rinsing is complete, remaining stains are spot removed. These could include stains from rust, food, coffee, etc., that do not budge during the in-depth cleaning process.

  5. Fan Dry: Placing a fan to dry carpets helps quickly get your office back to business.

  6. Grooming: Carpets are groomed to stand upright, using a professional carpet rake, which also allows increased airflow to dry the fibers properly.