How to Clean a Paint Stain From Carpet

So you got a little over confident with your painting ability and accidentally got some on your carpet. We’re all human, it happens. So know what?

Well hopefully its latex paint since its the easiest to get out.

What you’ll need: All you need to remove latex paint is some cheapo rubbing alcohol and some way to remove the paint that the alcohol softens. The method I recommend the highest is to use a small shop vac that is not hard to lug around. If you already have a great big shopping cart size wet vac you can use it too. The smaller one is just much more user friendly.

Removing a Paint Stain From Carpet

If the paint is still wet: Suck up as much of the paint as you can with your wet vac in wet mode. If you’re new to using a wet dry vac, to use it in wet mode simply take the lid or top off the vacuum and make sure the paper filter isn’t installed in the vacuum. After removing as much of the excess paint as possible its time to start the stain removal process. All that in-tales is applying some alcohol, agitating it and then sucking up what has been loosened with the alcohol. I generally use the lid of the alcohol bottle as the agitator.

If the paint has dried: Apply some alcohol to the dried paint spot and agitate with the bottle lid. With the paint being dried it’ll be less messy to clean up but you will need to agitate the spot a bit more aggressively.  Then suck up the softened paint residue over and over. It’ll take a while.

You can use old towels or paper towels, but keep in mind that the towels will be ruined by the process and have a greater chance of spreading the paint. Paper towels tend to just shred into a big mess.

If the paint is oil based I generally use “Goof Off” which can be found in the paint section of most any big box store or hardware store. The procedure is the same but would highly recommend wearing gloves with oil based paint and the level of solvent needed to remove it.

If you don’t want to take on this process give me a call or text at 816-590-6433 and I’ll take care of your Kansas City carpet cleaning needs.