Your Kansas City Carpet Cleaning Experts

Hello my name is Brian Asher, owner and sole cleaning technician for Friendly Cleaning Services. I have been in the carpet, tile and grout and furniture cleaning business for over 30 years, having been raised in the industry. In all that time I’ve seen it all. That’s why I can comfortably tell you on the initial walk through what spots and stains in your carpet will and will not come out.

People often ask me what the best method of cleaning when it comes to carpeting. That’s why I offer multiple methods of carpet cleaning including truck mounted steam cleaning, (that’s the one were the cleaner pulls in hoses in from outside) portable steam cleaning for high rises and secured buildings, and two different dry carpet cleaning systems for commercial carpet cleaning.

Our Steam Carpet Cleaning Process Explained

1. First and foremost, we always pre-vacuum your carpet first for many reasons. Some of the benefits of vacuuming include: it’s easier to remove hair, lint and sandy soils from the carpet fibers when they are dry rather than after they get wet. It also allows me some time to mentally inventory where the spots and stains are as well.
2. The send step of our cleaning process is to apply a pre-conditioner to the areas that are to be cleaned, this is the detergent. This procedure is done to loosen the oily soil’s bond from the carpet fibers, making them easier to remove during extraction. We do this separate from the rinse to avoid leaving sticky residue behind.
3. Power rinse. This is the step most people see as the actual cleaning step. The difference in the Friendly Cleaning way from other companies is: We don’t really on a manual scrub wand like most companies do. We prefer to use a powered scrubbing and rinse tool to provide a more consistent finished product then a manual rinse tool ever could. The fibers are thoroughly flushed using hot water extraction, leaving no chemical residue.
4. Work on the remaining spots or stains. These may include: rust, grease, paint, koolaide, wine, pet accidents and many others.
5. Place a fan in the room to power dry it. We want to get your carpet dry as fast as possible.
6. Groom the carpet with a special carpet rake to make the carpet stand at attention which helps to speed the drying much like combing your hair after a shower.

Carpet Cleaning Gladstone MO

No matter the method we decide on it will be done expertly and in a courteous way. I’ve been expertly trained in all methods by the industry standard training organization the IICRC they define the exact methods and how they are to be performed. So between my 30+ years of hands on training cleaning homes and businesses in the Kansas City area, along with many, many days of classroom training,you can be sure that I stay on top of the latest in techniques for spot removal and speeding up the drying time of the process.

If you are looking for the best KC carpet cleaners give us a call today at 816-590-6433. We offer carpet cleaning in Kansas City and surrounding areas including Jackson County MO, Clay County MO, Kearney MO, Gladstone, Independence MO Liberty, Parkville, Smithville MO, and Platte City.