Why Do Carpet Stains Come Back?

Why do some stains seem to re appear? This is a problem that has plagued homeowners and carpet cleaning companies for decades.  This problem revolves around stains that seem to be removed during the cleaning but then eventually come back quickly a few days later.  These stains have been making carpet cleaners look bad for […]

How to Clean Pet Urine From Carpet

So Fluffy or Fido couldn’t hold it any more and tinkled on your carpet? None of us can hold it for ever even the four legged folks among us. Just to get this out of the way up front if you have pet ODOR issues that’s another issue all together. Urine odor is a much larger […]

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Options

With the massive up swing of people pulling carpet out and replacing it with hardwood floors their has been an equal up swing in people trying to capitalize on this trend. People coming out with new fancy marketed glamorized snake oil treatments seem to show up to the party every day. As an example I […]

Winter Carpet Cleaning Advantages

Spring cleaning has always been “the norm” and for non allergy sufferers that’s fine. You may wonder why I say that and the reason is quite simple, the reason is that you have allowed various allergens to enter your home through open windows on nice days in the spring. Your family has tracked in all sorts […]

Vacuuming, How Often is Enough?

One of the easiest and mot effective things you can do to keep your carpet clean and looking good is regular vacuuming. This is very important even for your health as your carpeting is basically one big air filter that traps all kinds of dirt and allergens in the carpet fibers that can cause respiratory […]

What is Carpet Protector?

You’ve probably seen the words carpet protector in ads for carpet cleaning before. You may have wondered what the heck it was, do you need it, and maybe even how does it work. Lets start with what it is. Whether you’ve just heard the generic term carpet protector, Scotchgard, Teflon or going way back, Silicon […]

What Kind of Vacuum Should I Buy?

I get asked this one almost every single day.  Aside from hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, regular vacuuming is critical when it comes to maintaining your carpet. Here are my general recommendations for vacuum cleaners: Get one you will use! That may sound weird to say but if you think Kirby vacuums are too […]

How to Remove Food and Drink Spots From Carpet

Removing Food and Drink Stains From Carpet For general food and drink spots and spills, don’t even bother buying carpet specific spot and stain removers. All you really need is an empty quart (or what ever size you have laying around) spray bottle, and some regular old run of the mill…. ammonia. That’s right, ammonia. […]

How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

Removing Candle Wax From Carpet Today we are going to learn how to get candle wax out of carpet. Depending on the color of the wax this can either be easy for a DIY-er or impossible depending on your goal. The removal of the actual clump of wax is easy peasy but if the wax […]