How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

So you have heard online or from your friends that you should have your ducts cleaned in your house from time to time to keep your home’s air quality good and keep your home in general cleaner. By far and away the most common question we get asked about duct cleaning is: “So how the […]

What To Do When Your Basement Floods

A flooded basement or kitchen can really wreck your day. Floods happen for all sorts of reasons, whether it be from faulty plumbing, a frozen pipe, sewer back up or a sump pump failure the key to getting back to normal as quick as possible is fast response time.The flood jobs that always go the […]

New Bonuses of Using Friendly Cleaning Services

Friendly Cleaning Services is so proud to announce the introduction of the latest in scheduling software. Now when you book an appointment with me you will get a conformation email stating the details of your carpet cleaning appointment, 30 minutes before your carpet cleaning appointment you will receive a reminder that I am on the […]

How to Prevent Water Damage Stains

We all get affected by procrastination once in awhile whether its from our own action or lack of action. If you are affected by a water damage issue, please for your own sake don’t risk your home’s value or safety by putting it off. I did a carpet cleaning job this week that the family […]

Our Kearney Courier Article

It was very exciting to get a phone call recently from the Kearney Courier asking me to be in their paper as a local business to be highlighted. I picked up a few papers today since my mom, wife and mother in law all wanted one. My wife was a little bummed she wasn’t in the picture with […]

Exciting Changes in The Works

We are in the works to provide the softest carpet you have ever felt under your feet with no added chemicals of any kind. Simply by rinsing with the purest water possible. I have now been rising with softened water since July of 2016, I added a dechlorination system in September of 2016 and will […]

Are Hardwood Floors Better For Allergies?

According to the EPA: Indoor air pollution is ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. This is important as most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Children are most at risk. The question becomes, “How can I make my home healthier?” I’ve often heard from clients who were told to remove the carpets […]

How to Clean a Paint Stain From Carpet

So you got a little over confident with your painting ability and accidentally got some on your carpet. We’re all human, it happens. So know what? Well hopefully its latex paint since its the easiest to get out. What you’ll need: All you need to remove latex paint is some cheapo rubbing alcohol and some […]

Benefits of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Indoor pollution is a horrible reality. Even the Environmental Protection Agency has dubbed indoor pollution as the fourth biggest environmental threat. It is also something that can be easily taken care of thanks to regular air duct cleaning. When you have the air conditioner or heating system on, air is traveling through the air ducts […]

How to Make Your Carpet Last

Their are many things that add up to making your carpet last a long time. Getting twenty plus years out of your carpeting is very possible. Here are a couple tips for making your carpet last: Prevention –  The next time you walk into any commercial building (like where you work) look at whats right inside […]