Rug Cleaning Kansas City

oriental rug

Photo credit: danxoneil / CC BY

Get your area rug cleaned right.

So you've had that rug in your living room a year or so now, it's starting to show some spots from spills, foot traffic and just living in your home like we all do.

Could you rent one of those cleaners and do it yourself, sure. Could you borrow your mom or mother in-law's home carpet cleaner, sure. But do you really want to do either one of those, probably not.

You know it needs to be cleaned but you spent a lot of money on that rug and the last thing up want is some uniformed, uneducated knuckle head to come in and mess up your nice rug. You want it cleaned right but you don't want to pay a fortune to have it done and the idea of some stranger coming in your home, loading up your favorite rug and taking it away is just a bit too uncomfortable for you.

There's got to be a better way. Well you are right their is a better way, I can come to your home roll up your nice rug and lay it out on a tarp and clean it in your driveway and in the amount of time it takes to roll up the hose it will be mostly, if not totally dry. Now if your rug is just plane huge and not practical to move then we can slide a tarp under the rug where it is to protect the carpet, tile or hardwood floor under neath it and clean it right there where it normally lives.

No matter what way works best for you, I will put my 30 years experience in the textile cleaning field to use to get it as clean as possible. Call Friendly Cleaning Services for more info on our area rug cleaning service.




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