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My name is Brian Asher. I founded Friendly Cleaning Services in early 2000 after working in my family’s carpet, furniture and tile cleaning business in Cameron, MO since I was 8 years old… yeah that long. I am an owner operator business. I don’t employ anyone in the business beyond my son in the summer months. I have committed myself to always being cutting edge in the newest technologies to get the most spots and stains out and providing the fastest possible drying times. Because we all know the faster it dries the sooner you can get back to your normal daily life.
You will never hear me use the word “estimate”—it’s far too vague. I come to your home and give exact price quotes. I’d be happy to give you a ball park quote on the phone but I can’t be exact without seeing your situation, traffic patterns, stains and wear level in person. After a price quote you are under no obligation to hire me, obviously. I know as a consumer myself I hate the price game run around. I want to know what I’m expected to pay and exactly what I’m going to get out of my investment, I assume you are the same way. That seems like common courtesy to me, which seems to be hard to find these days. I am located in the northland and generally spend most of my work day there to better manage my time. I hate being late and I assume you don’t want to sit wondering if or when I will show up. So that is why I try to limit my coverage area as much as possible to always be on time. I also always call when I’m on the way to further reduce your stress level. I do all this to continue to grow my business and maintain a loyal client base.
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